Masculinity and Disney

November 3, 2009 megrachelle49

These past few weeks in class we have discussed and repeatedly mentioned masculinity in our culture today, as well as watching Tropic Thunder and seeing many characteristics as to what makes those characters manly.  It was not until recent after I watched Beauty and the Beast, that I realized how we grow up with the teachings that men are to be strong and powerful while the women are meant to be dam-sills in distress. In all of the Disney movies I grew up with, it came down to the lead guy saving the girl or battling his way out of trouble to save the day.  Examples of movies are Aladdin, Lion King 1 & 2, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Robbin Hood, Peter Pan, Hercules, and many more. Is our culture the way it is because of what we have been taught through film since we were 4 or 5 years old?

In a YouTube video created by, it talks about how these movies have shaped our mind thoughts about how we should think the world works through the story lines and images we see in movie scene’s environments. It not only shows boys what “real men” do and say, but has an affect on the girls as well. We learn to expect traits such as toughness, leadership, built body, and charisma from them because those are the only guys who end up getting the beautiful girl in the end and every girl wants to be that girl.  As much as I love Disney movies, they might have sent the wrong message repeatedly to the children who grew up watching them.

Sources: Cordell, Matthew. “Constructions of Masculinity in Disney movies” <;


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